The DelFin Project Overview

Since 1998, The DelFin Project, Inc. has continued to break new ground by developing unique and effective e-commerce tools and technologies for advertisers, publishers and agencies focused on optimizing their returns. These technologies have resulted in DelFin being awarded numerous patents in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. By combining our market expertise with our patented technologies we can guarantee our customers solutions that deliver real-time measurable results.

DelFin’s flagship technology, TeamSalesAgent™, is a patented automated chat agent solution for website owners, advertisers and publishers that delivers increased online conversions and decreased cart abandonment. TeamSalesAgent fuses self-learning artificial intelligence with the popularity and ease of online instant messaging and works 24/7/365 to reduce site abandonment and monetize your traffic. The technology is 100% performance based and is easy to setup and use. Features include a full suite of optimization tools along with real-time campaign reporting. TeamSalesAgent is a full-service lead-gen and cart recovery solution that can increase your online conversions up to 20%. TeamSalesAgent is also an excellent solution to cross-sell or up-sell products. For more information or to get a Risk Free Trial going please visit

If your objectives are to increase your sales and decrease your marketing costs, DelFin will provide the exceptional service and solutions for you to achieve your goals. With over 15 years of experience, DelFin’s mission is to remain a leader in the development and distribution of cutting edge solutions that bring value to both consumer and our customers alike.


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